Save Me from Myself!

02 May

So, while everyone else was blowing up Facebook with the news that Osama is dead last night, I was attempting (with marginal success…) to teach Mitu how to knit. She crochets, but was finally convinced by a combination of bullying and supersoft bulky yarn (more the yarn than me, to be perfectly frank) to try her hand at knitting. The results were, uh, interesting. It doesn’t help that I’m a southpaw who knits loosely in Continental trying to teach a right-hander who crochets so tightly I’m pretty sure her current project will be waterproof.

That aside, fiber art is my drug of choice, and I’ll definitely have to get Mitu to teach me to crochet as I have fallen in love with amigurumi. I’m a somewhat slow knitter, a condition which is not improved by my hand injury (I broke my left wrist about a year ago, and the hand still gets sore really easily–which, by the way, makes tests and homework problem sets really fun), but I’m completely addicted. Socks are probably my favorite, but having something of larger gauge on the needles helps me keep from getting too bored, and the bigger projects are easier on my hand. Still, there are SO MANY cool patterns I want to make–Ravelry will be my downfall one of these days, ha ha ha. My username is Myriad if you want to help contribute to my yarn-induced demise ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond that, the worst part of my knitting addiction is the designing. I’ve only picked up knitting seriously again in the past year (helpfully corresponding with my hand injury…) so I really know very little about techniques, stitches, construction, etc. But I have so many ideas for cool socks! (yes, mostly socks, although I do have some sweater/tank and amigurumi ideas as well)! I just need to bite the bullet and get some fiddling (i.e. cheap) yarn and start playing around with some of my simpler ideas, but I look at my more complex ideas and start to panic because I’ll never be able to figure out how to do them, and even if I can will I be able to resize them, and I don’t know anyone to be test knitters, and should I offer designs for free or charge for them??….If you haven’t noticed, I’m very good at getting ahead of myself and freaking myself out. But I graduate from college in 13 days (ahhhh!!!) and I think my present to myself will be to order some yarn off of KnitPicks. Their Palette yarn is quite reasonably priced so I can use it to fiddle with sock ideas.

I’m literally exploding with ideas for themed sock sets–collections inspired by the planets, the Sabbats, the moons of the year (including a blue moon pair!), characters I’ve played in Shakespeare productions, constellations, the space shuttles…Now might be a good time to mention that I’m an astronomy major ๐Ÿ™‚ But to ease myself into this whole designing thing, and because summer’s on its way, and because they use less yarn and I have small feet so I can probably get one pair out of 50g of fingering yarn…….I’m going to start with anklets. And since I want a little bit of structure to guide my adventure, and because I’m an astronomy major, and a Shakespeare geek, there will be a theme! So…announcing Myriad’s Adventures in Sock Design, Volume I: The Fairy Moons of Uranus. Because I’m apparently allergic to short, simple, unpretentious titles. Anywho:

The Fairy Moons of Uranus


The five major moons of Uranus are named after fairies (except for Miranda) and Shakespeare characters (except for Umbriel). Okay, so it’s not perfect, but the Uranian Lunar Naming Committee did not consult me before making their final decision. In more detail: Titania and Oberon are the fairy king and queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Miranda and Ariel are from The Tempest, and Umbriel is from The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope (which also has a character named Ariel). Literary geekery aside (though I confess I haven’t read The Rape of the Lock), as fascinating as moons can be (and Uranus’ are some of the more unusual, IMO), it’s really hard to draw pattern inspiration from a collection of spherical gray rocks. So hopefully their fictional namesakes will be a tad more inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll update with my progress, once I start making some. I have a few sketches, but nothing that’s really moved much beyond that state. And one of these days I should probably get around to sharing what I’ve currently got on the needle…

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