03 May

The right lifted increase is my current knitting nemesis. I can do it tolerably when it’s bordered by stockinette on both sides, but the pattern I’m working on calls for knits on one side and purls on the other, i.e. ribbing.

The problem with this is that I have trouble keeping my stitch size constant when transitioning from knits to purls, as you can see above. So when I try to do my increases, I end up with this:

The LLIs are nice and neat, but the RLIs are a mess. Grrr. So I’ve been doing a lot of swatching (which I kind of hate) trying to figure out how to make the RLIs less of a complete disaster. After a lot of fiddling and four different variations, I think I’ve found a way of doing the RLI that at least minimizes the ugly.

It’s a little difficult to see, but the leftmost three or four increases were made using the technique I like the best, or perhaps dislike the least. It minimizes the gigantic gaping holes more than the others, which is really the best that can be said of it. Hooray for inventing my own knitting stitches? Of course I’m NOT looking forward to redoing the ten RLIs that I did with a more conventional method…think I’ll save that for tomorrow…

Finally, for your amusement, the lengths to which a college student of limited resources and no blocking experience will go to get a decent view of her work:

Desk Chair + Push Pins + Printer Paper = Who needs proper tools?

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