…Now What?

05 May


Today I took my last final. It’s unofficially official. I am done with college.


Of course, my brain has been done with college since, oh, about February. Maybe January. But I’ve managed to keep on top of things, more or less.

Today, in the grand tradition of all last days, was spent in a surreal combination of mundane, tedious, and unusual task. The morning (well, early afternoon–I managed to distract myself on the interwebs for most of the morning…) was spent in the highly academic pursuit of taking my final final–Quantum Mechanics. I realize that most people find the prospect of QM highly terrifying, but when you combine the fact that a) this course was fairly rudimentary, b) the exam was open book/notes/homework, and c) it was an un-timed take home exam…let’s just say motivation was a little low. I briefly entertained the idea of taking the exam with a bottle of Magic Hat at hand while watching Stargate, but the sensible part of me prevailed and I had to make do with a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and my Pagan Music Expanded playlist.

Oh, yeah, and my helper:

"Bo-ring. Let me know when you get to quantum gravity."

Does it count as cheating if your cat helps you with your exam? It’s not like she’s Schroedinger’s cat or anything.

"Schrodinger was an idiot."

To be fair, Haley’s idea of helping mostly consists of sitting on my lap, which allows her to simultaneously impede my range of motion (and thus access to important things like erasers, calculators, etc) and put my legs to sleep.

Once Haley had given the exam her approval, I spent a frantic twenty minutes or so rushing around campus handing in exams, last-minute assignments, pay sheets…and collecting my blanket from the lab. That was the worst, I think, since that blanket has lived on the 4th floor of the science center for the past two years (the building is fricking freezing). So, loose ends all tied up. I’m done.

Technically there is the whole ‘getting grades’ and ‘graduating’ thing still left to do, but in terms of actual scholastic activities, I’m done (well, my adviser wants me to go through and organize my research files, so I suppose I’m not quite done. It sure feels like it, though). Graduation is just ten days away–and after that, I’m adrift. Sure, I have plans for the week after commencement, and then I’ll be going home. But there is that tiny worrisome detail of not having a job…

I’ve been managing to keep myself fairly well distracted with books, chocolate, packing (ahhh!), and doodles, but my mind keeps drifting back to the question…

Hooray for ballpoint pens, magic markers, and crayons!

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One response to “…Now What?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    5.5.2011 at 11:45 pm

    I’ve spent a lot of my life wondering that. So far, things have turned out OK, despite a few faceplants . . .


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