About the Name…

09 May

I’m doing it again…

I chose the name Myriad for my interweb persona for three reasons:
1) I like the way it sounds
b) I’m very attached to the letter M
) It means ‘many,’ specifically 10,000.

gamma is probably the most pertinent reason. I am very, very good at going off in ten thousand different directions and then panicking when I can’t fully devote myself to any of them (I’m also a perfectionist. Stellar combination, no?).

I’m currently running into this problem with my knitting and other creative endeavors. Since we’ve got a lazy sort of week before graduation, I’ll have plenty of time to be crafty–but not if I keep adding projects! Things I currently have on the needles/hook/sketchpad/percolating in my hyperactive brain:

Turtle(neck) Soup Sweater
Curious Alien for my professor
Kai-Mei Socks
Anatomically Correct Sock Toes (not yet started but I’ve been meaning to modify it for toe-up for ages)
Epically awesome hat of epicness (which will get its own post once completed)
Costume(s) for the Steampunk Worlds Fair
Doodles and punchlines for a potential comic strip
Finishing my NaNoWriMo novel which got seriously derailed when the end of November decided to make my life hell
And approximately five thousand and a half knitting designs, none of which I’ve started on.

Not to mention I want to teach myself to purl correctly in Continental fashion in hopes that it will fix my rib gap problem.

I find all of these projects exciting, and I love being creative, whether with words or with my hands. It makes me feel clever and capable and alive, which are all very good things. But I am in serious danger of never finishing anything because that list above is only going to get longer if I don’t restrain myself…

So. Priorities: The alien has to be finished before graduation, so that’s high on the list. Likewise, I need to get far enough along in the sweater to know if I need another ball of yarn so I can go back and get one from the same dye lot before I head home. The Kai Meis are barely started so they may wait for when I’m home. And I hereby decree to myself that I am not allowed to cast on the Anatomically Correct socks (or anything else, for that matter!) until I have finished at least two other things (one of which must be yarn-related). The epic hat is nearly done so hopefully I can finish that tomorrow. As for the other things…I guess we’ll see. After all, I wouldn’t be Myriad if I weren’t haring off in ten thousand different directions…

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  1. Creek Corner Hobbies

    9.5.2011 at 10:43 pm

    Great post thanks for sharing. You have an excellent layout here. I enjoy making crafts with some of my closest friends. Friends and family alike can enjoy doing crafts together.


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