Pagan Blitz

12 May

The post I had planned for today is taking longer than I thought, so a few quick things:

Go read this post on the Wild Hunt and then go join this facebook group. How cool would it be to have one of us on Jon Stewart? I don’t always agree with everything Jason Pitzl-Waters writes, but he’s an eloquent and rational voice for the modern Pagan community, and it’s time and past we got some more exposure to the rest of the intelligent world.

All of the knitting and doodling I’ve been doing has given me a chance to get back into listening to the Wigglian Way. I’m majorly behind (almost two years…) but I do love listening to Mojo and Sparrow. They’re fairly well-known BNPs, but go check it out if you haven’t already!

I’m currently on episode 56 (of 83, currently…ahhhh!), which features the first album from Sharon Knight, and I’ve consequently fallen in love with “Bardic Voices.” It’s not on YouTube or I would link it!

That’s it for the moment. Tomorrow my parents and the great hulking man creature (aka younger brother) arrive…graduation is almost here!!

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