Froggety Frog Frog Frog

13 May

Sigh. The parentals have left for the evening, so I’m unwinding with alcohol and interwebs. I love my family dearly, but the four of us together tends to send my blood pressure through the roof. Anyway:

I finally gave in and frogged the Turtle(neck) Soup sweater. There were just too many things going wrong–I made the neck too long, it was cutting at the armholes, and the giant gaping stitches wherever I switched from knits to purls were just too ugly for me to live with. I wouldn’t have worn the thing anyway.

So, eventually I will restart it (I went out and bought a third skein of yarn today, same dye lot and everything). ‘Eventually’ should be read here as ‘after I have fixed my rib gap problem, after doing a test knit of the body section so I make the right size, and after my resentment with the blankety blank thing has faded.’ The color really does look fabulous on me, and I am determined to successfully knit something other than socks and scarves.

But it’s the first time I’ve had to seriously frog anything…I usually have to frog back a few rows in every project, but this one…!! I’ve actually lost track of the number of times I ripped it back, but it was at least four before I threw in the towel. I was not a happy knitter.

At least I had the Haribo frogs to console me. They are my drug of choice when I’m frustrated (it’s just so satisfying to bite off the heads!), and they are especially suited to this particular task. I highly recommend that all frogging be performed under the experienced supervision of Haribo frogs πŸ˜€

The Frog Gods have accepted the sacrifice.

I’ve also decided that the Frog Gods need a mascot, an avatar whose image we can invoke to ensure the success (and rarity) of our frogging endeavors. So I present to you……..


Feel free to use him whenever you have some frogging to do. I’m going to leave him in your tender care while I go back to my disturbingly fruity tequila-and-triple-sec cocktail and watch some TV.

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One response to “Froggety Frog Frog Frog

  1. Halias

    14.5.2011 at 10:22 am

    I have a sweater that needs frogging, as well. 😦 Hopefully your next try at it, whenever that is, will go better.

    Also Felton is adorable.


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