Silver Lining

17 May

We’re staying with my grandmother and uncle, who live in a house that I suspect was built by Picasso whilst on some very, very interesting drugs. (I actually wrote a short story based on the experience of trying to move them in–I may post an excerpt at some point). There is NOTHING to do here except for sleep and read, and after about ten hours of each…

So I have been cranky. Very cranky. It doesn’t help that they live in a city which apparently doesn’t believe in sunlight, or that I have a massive headache, or that the lack of anything whatever interesting to do means my father and mother and uncle and grandmother and myself have all been sniping at each other rather more than necessary.


BUT. The day has not been a complete disaster (truth be told, it’s very, very rare that I find a day that is, no matter how grouchy I am.) Three good things that have happened today:

1) Making progress on my anatomically correct socks
2) Talking to my best friend!

As you might have inferred, I am most excited about the last prospect. It looks like a decent position, even if it IS in Indiana, which I dislike on basic principle (though it’s not a very deeply-rooted principle, so I suspect I will be able to adjust if need be). But it’s only two hours from Chicago, which would be good. Squeee! I HAS EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS!!!!!! Of course I haven’t yet contacted the school, let alone interviewed, etc., but still. My job search is no longer dead in the water, which is a very good thing.

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