Never Neglect Your Needles

23 May

The SPWF was not exactly as I expected, but I had a blast nonetheless. A full con report will come at some point, after I’ve swapped photos with my cohort, aka Mitu and Dea and their mother. For now I am sitting in the Albany airport, finally (!!!) on my way home. I am an East Coast girl no longer.

It’s kind of strange, actually. I’m so used to flying back and forth between the Midwest and New England; it’s strange to think it may be quite a long time before I do so again! On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of flying, despite how much I’ve been doing it lately (I counted and I think I flew on upwards of 25 individual flights in 2010).

Anyway, the point of today’s slapdash post, brought to you by the free wireless internet provided by the airport (yay!), is thus:

A true knitter is never without her needles. I learned this lesson the hard way after two and a half hours waiting in the hospital with Mitu and NO KNITTING OR BOOK. It was not one of the better two and a half hours of my life. So I have been a tad compulsive about having something with me since then…

Between finishing and frogging, I’ve whittled down the five thousand and two projects I had going two weeks ago to precisely one. Which is very strange for me, but I’m sure that number will explode again soon. It’s not like I have anything else to do…

Anyway, yes, that is me, in full Steam garb, including the Epic Hat of Epicness (but minus the flamingo; he kept digging into my side), with a ball of yarn stuck in my belt pouch and project in hand. I’m not a huge fan of the yarn–Cascade Fixation Cotton–but it works for what I’m doing, which is essentially goofing off in yarn form, making up a pattern as I go along. The likelihood that the second sock will match the first is slim…

It keeps my hands busy, at any rate, which was highly useful at the SPWF. I had eight hours of volunteer shifts on Saturday, consisting of Badge Check, which is con code for doorkeeper/bouncer/logistician/manual labor, and involved rather a lot of bullying people into filling in all the seats so I could fit more people in the room. If you were at the World’s Fair and attended an event where a volunteer with a ridiculous hat and knitting on her belt threatened you with bloodshed if you didn’t get your behind in a chair…Hello again! I promise I’m not always that cranky.

In between the increasingly more threatening sheep-herding, I essentially had two four-hour shifts of listening to presentations. Which were, for the most part, highly interesting, but I have never been good with talks (one of my professors used to gauge his lecture speed by whether I was taking notes or doodling in my notebook.) Knitting to the rescue! It kept my hands busy enough to kill most of my fidgets and let me actually listen to the presentations, which were actually fairly interesting.

Anyway, in theory we will be boarding soon, and since I haven’t had time to buy a book, I guess I will just have to knit through my flight (such a tragedy). May you never be needleless!

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