While (Myriad != ComputerExpert) {Frustration}

08 Jun

If you got the joke in the title, I applaud you.

I had a nice hour-long stretch between dinner and the season premier of Covert Affairs, so naturally I spent it being terribly productive cleaning my room, writing, and hunting for a job.

Why does nobody ever believe me?

Oh, all right, I spent it fussing around online looking for a progress bar widget to track my writing progress this month. Because clearly a shiny graphic is more important than, say, actually writing.

Naturally all of the downloadable widgets are zipped, and I don’t have an unzipper. The interwebs have plenty of tutorials on how to code a progress bar, but normally I’m way too lazy to deal with coding things for myself (except, perversely, in IDL). But my laziness was not to be allowed in this particular instance. Fortunately I found this very helpful post which allowed me to get a basic progress bar up.

I am much more computer literate than the average American. However. I am much less computer literate than anybody who can actually say they’re computer literate without feeling guilty. One class in Java and a lot of brute-force fumbling around in IRAF, IDL, HTML, and UNIX do not an expert programmer make. Which means that when my code is mysteriously not working, the best I can do is make sure I haven’t left any brackets open.

Sigh. Between the original code and a lot of scrutinizing of the source code of the very helpful post and the source code of my own blog, I’ve got it at least tolerably formatted. There’s still something wonky with the progress bar itself, which I cannot for the life of me figure out. The only thing I can guess is that something in the style sheet for the theme I’m using (Choco) is messing with it, but trying to figure that out is going to take more brainpower than I’m willing to devote to the problem at the moment.

So, it is as it is. Despite the hour lost wrangling with HTML, I did manage to meet today’s target, and a little more (apparently I have a lot to say when it comes to a widow, a young boy, and a pirate captain visiting a Turkish pet shop). I’ll catch up to Mitu one of these days!!

Words today: 1172 out of 1000
Words to date: 4021 out of 7000

Bedtime for Myriad. While I sleep, I’m sure this collage of sexy shirtless Christopher Gorham will gladly keep you occupied:

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