WIP Wednesday, ish.

08 Jun

In the grand tradition of…uh…every knitting blogger ever, I’ve decided to use Wednesdays to keep track of the various projects I have going as a way of (theoretically) keeping myself on track.

Of course, for the moment these are all Works on Hold as the combination of kayaking and swimming Monday and an excessive amount of typing and knitting Tuesday has made it extremely painful to use my hands, arms and shoulders. Sunburn and bruises and pulled muscles and old wrist injuries, oh my! Anyway:

The Job Hunt: …about that…I really do need to start being more proactive in this area. That will be one of my goals for next Wednesday.

Operation Confuse the Bejeezus out of My Feline Overlords:
Most of the furniture has been cleaned and moved, and I’ve begun putting some things back on shelves, in drawers, etc. I’m even typing this at my newly-cleared desk! Still quite a bit to go though.

June Writing Challenge: No writing today; hands will complain of that many words. Currently at 13% of the monthly goal…should be at about 25%…

Granny Test Square: Finished! Not that it’s doing much beyond taking up space on my desk.

Anatomical Anklets: About halfway through the second slipper. SO TIRED of this blankety-blank yellow cotton…but all my good yarn is still being held hostage by my aunt in Philly, so I suppose I should be glad I have something to play with.

Random Crochet Alien I Shouldn’t Be Doing: See for yourself. Note to self: I am NOT allowed to start any new knitting OR crocheting until I finish everything else on the needles/hooks.

Sigh. Now I feel unproductive, though I think between severe soreness, a bad head cold, and the tornado warning we had up until half an hour ago…I’m entitled to be a bit behind. Tomorrow we go pick up the GHMC from college, so I doubt I’ll get anything done then either…though I could probably knit in the car. Here’s to a very productive Friday, at least!

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