13 Jun

In an effort to lift me out of my “I’ve been sick for a week, haven’t left the house in four days, am too tired to do anything and too awake to be content doing nothing, and my dominant hand is severely painful” funk, my mother bullied the family into playing a game after dinner.

We played S’Quarrels.

I bought S’Quarrels a few weeks ago on an (only slightly tequila induced) whim. It was a very good investment. I’m not going to explain the gameplay here (the rules are on the website linked above), but the basic concept is that you are a squirrel attempting to store the most acorns before winter so you don’t starve your furry little butt off.

The Good:
–It’s not Monopoly, or Checkers, or poker, or any of the other boring games that normal people play, though this is a prerequisite for any game which I consent to play, with the possible exception of Trivial Pursuit
–It moves quickly. Easily distracted? Me? Whatever do you…ooh shiny!
–The rules are simple and it’s easy to pick up, unlike, say, Canasta, better known as Evil Incarnate in Two Decks of Cards
–It’s got enough strategy to keep it from getting boring, but
–It’s based enough on luck that you don’t feel like an idiot for losing
–The game length is flexible enough to suit the mood of the players, or to accommodate players coming and going. I’m looking at you, GHMC. Basketball is not a valid excuse to abandon your squirrel.
–It’s good for people of all ages although now that I think of it, it might take a bit to get Grammy to understand the concept of hoarding acorns
–The artwork is nice
–SQUIRRELS!! And not the demonic kind that infested my college campus, either.

The Bad:
–It does get a bit boring after four or five rounds
–It really wouldn’t play well with two people, not that I’ve found many (any?) fun games that will.
–Not enough cute squirrel artwork

The Ugly:
–Injuries to innocent bystanders whilst fighting over the Hoard. I’m looking at you, Mom and Dad.
–Uh…the Rotten Acorn card?

THE VERDICT: It’s easy, fast, and fun. Not too expensive (it retails for about $13, which is pretty good as this sort of thing goes), and works for just about any group of any age. It’s a good family game, and a good thing to have around when you have half an hour to kill or need a little cheering up. Or an icebreaker. Or are slightly intoxicated. Or…

If I were organized I would give it some kind of star rating or something, but my brain hasn’t recovered enough from illness for that to happen. Let’s call it 3.8 stars out of 5, because that sounds like a good random number I pulled out of thin air.


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2 responses to “S’Quarrels!

  1. mitukagome

    13.6.2011 at 9:08 pm

    I almost bought that game!!! I saw it in a toy/hobby store near me, and it looked uber cute!! I’m glad it’s actually fun, maybe I’ll go back and get it!

  2. brylo

    14.6.2011 at 5:43 pm

    Love your writeup on this game.I have played S’Quarrels quite a bit and can agree with everything said. Good light fun game.


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