The Last Bookcase

15 Jun

My current nemeses are many and varied (I tend to view everything and anything that causes frustration as a nemesis…perhaps not the best worldview, but it’s worked so far), but I wish to share with you what I view as the most diabolical of the lot:

The Last Bookcase.

As anyone who has ever cleaned, rearranged, or reorganized a room knows, the last piece of furniture is the worst. It’s the place where you’ve chucked all the other stuff you couldn’t find a place for…and now you have to find a place for all of it. Highlights of this particular LPoF are clay pots I made between the ages of 5 and 7, a pink flamingo, the stained glass window hanging I made in high school, an Omaha Steaks box full of Christmas ornaments, and a collection of CD and tape players which are at least a decade old.

Keep in mind that the rest of my room still looks like this:

…It’s a work in progress. Very, very slow progress, but at least I’m starting to recover from my illness. I moved a whole bookcase by myself today! (Which was, in retrospect, a Really Bad Idea as my left hand is killing me again). But the box on my bed has the yarn that I’ve been missing for a month, so at least I have wool to play with when my hand stops being such a brat! And maybe I can get the GHMC to move that last bookcase if he ever comes home…

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