Darth Walker

17 Jun

Warning: Lots of politics, minor language. Because I’m pissed at the people fucking up my state.

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I’m mad at the evil Republicans today. I would be furious, except I’ve been furious and frustrated and scared out of my mind because of them since February (who are we kidding, since Walker killed the train), and it’s a little hard to maintain that level of righteous anger.

The Empire The Republican majority has done so many bad things (your guess is as good as mine as to whether bad should be translated as evil or just idiotic) since they took power, it just astonishes me. Do they not realize that they’re looking and acting like evil dictators? Not just evil dictators, but bad cartoon parodies of evil dictators. Really, really, bad cartoon parodies of really, really evil dictators.

I find it very hard to believe that they would have been elected if they had actually said in their campaigns that they were planning on doing half of this. Usually the electorate is mad because an official hasn’t fulfilled their campaign promises, not because they exceeded them!

Some of the shiniest gems that Darth Governor Walker and his Stormtroopers allies in the state congress have managed to shove into the budget they finally (despite the best efforts of anyone with a shred of decency and/or a brain cell) managed to pass late last night:

–Corporate tax cuts (When has trickle-down economics ever worked? Seriously, guys, that dead horse has been beaten so badly I don’t think anyone recognizes it as a horse anymore).
–Concealed carry law (Seriously? SERIOUSLY? That doesn’t even have anything to do with the budget. And, oh yeah, IT’S A REALLY BAD IDEA.)
–Cut in funding to public schools, BUT
–Increase in eligibility for vouchers to private schools, so they’re available to everyone, not just families in need of financial aid. Basically, screw you if you didn’t get in to a private school, the government’s not going to bother to teach you anything.

Obviously I’m a little biased as someone who wants to go into teaching (and this whole thing has raised my internal private vs. public school debate to a frenzy), but I just don’t understand this. I don’t. Nothing about it makes sense. Yes, the public school system is far from perfect (though Wisconsin does a better job than many states; certainly the public schools I attended (from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade, thankyouverymuch) were very good). HOWEVER. How in the hell is cutting funding going to fix that? Let’s just give up on public schools and let private schools do the teaching. Really. And what happens to those students who can’t afford to go to the private schools because wealthier students have taken all the vouchers? Or is the government going to start paying tuition for everyone to go to private school? Of course, that suggestion makes about as much sense as anything else The Empire has proposed.

–I’m not going to say much about the collective bargaining issue, for the simple reason that I don’t understand much about it. I will say this: I may not understand it, but as far as I can tell, nobody else does either, because the issue was never debated fairly with a view to finding the best solution. It may well be that the responsibilities and rights of unions should be modified to allow them to better fulfill their purpose without having too much power. But completely turning the union system on its head without bothering to discuss it with anyone? It’s stupid. It’s just stupid. It’s ignorant, undemocratic, and unAmerican.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything that terrifies me more than Walker and his cronies. Unless it’s the possibility that my fellow Wisconsinites won’t wake up enough to get them out of power as soon as possible. If you live in Wisconsin (or, hell, anywhere in the US, or the world) and you’re voting in one of the recall elections (or any election): please, please use your head, and don’t allow this evil to perpetuate. I don’t care if you identify (and vote) conservative, moderate, or liberal, Republican, Third-Party, or Democratic. Just don’t vote evil.

There’s probably some really pithy word in Greek to describe the depth of the rage and frustration and terror that this entire thing has caused in me, but since I’m limited to English, Spanish, and a smattering of German, all I can say is: FUCK. THIS. SCHEISS.

And one more thing:


One day I'm going to write a novel based on the Wisconsin 14. Except in my world, they'll win.

Because that is what it means to be an American.

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