21 Jun


I tend to go a little crazy on Litha. I’m still a tad subdued due to my recent illness, but I’m sure insanity will prevail all the same! Litha is the one holiday where I don’t feel a lot of ‘I’m a bad Pagan who doesn’t do Sabbats etc properly’ guilt, because I know how to celebrate this one. Dance, and create, and be active, and generally just go crazy and be happy 🙂 Hurrah for Midsummer Madness! Today’s plans include a workout, more work on my room, my first bellydance class, whatever random doodling and other creativity I can fit in, and lots of running about like a crazy person.

The smudge tool is my new favorite thing ever. Also Rosie’s new favorite thing ever–she likes watching the cursor move around. This is a digital version of a sidewalk doodle I did three Lithas ago…for future reference, blending chalk on rough pavement is a really excellent way to take the skin off your fingers. Artwork is so much more personal with bits of bloody flesh mixed in, don’t you think?

Hmm…I wonder if we still have any sidewalk chalk…

Blessed Litha!

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