WIP Wednesday

22 Jun

…briefly, as I’ve no idea how long the internet will stay with me:

Job hunt: …I’m working on it. I think I have a line on some volunteer options if nothing else.

Operation Confuse Feline Overlords: Furniture is all moved, most of the books are shelved. Still a lot of organization/consolidation to go.

June Writing Challenge: Eh heh heh. I think my new goal should be to have 10k by the end of the month, because 30k is not happening. July Writing Challenge, here I come!

Anatomical Anklets: (ravelry) Getting there. 85% I think…I WILL have these done by next week!

Doubleknit Test: (ravelry) Brought this out of hibernation to keep me from going insane with Ye Damne Anklets…about 75%

I’m still having major issues with huge gaping stitches in my ribbing, so I think I’m going to have to reorder my queue to put off any ribbed projects until I sort this out.


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2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. mitukagome

    22.6.2011 at 1:43 pm

    I feel like the only reason that I’m keeping up with my writing is that I have nothing else to do. I’m also super bored. So I watch 2-3 movies every day, and I write while I watch.

    Of course, I still need to finish knitting one scarf and crocheting one monstrosity and I could clean my room and I need to work on relearning Spanish and … there are technically other things that I could do. But nothing that I want to do.

  2. Myriad

    22.6.2011 at 4:40 pm

    Yeah…I have plenty of things I could/should be doing (finding a job, etc) but progress on pretty much everything has been quite slow. It’s summer and it’s hot…also now it appears that I will be embarking on several drywalling etc adventures to fix the hole in my wall and in the GHMC’s wall and the ceiling in the linen closet…and then comes PAINTING. And somewhere in there, knitting and writing and job search.


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