All I Wanted

25 Jun

So, my birthday was a while ago. I am notoriously bad at planning celebrations for my birthday, and since we were all recovering from the plague (which everyone insists originated with me, which it did NOT), going out to the bars was not really high on anyone’s list. But I had enough of a plan: Movie (Green Lantern) and lunch with Egg and Yoj, then a night in with movies and games and whoever we could round up who was in town.

Naturally, these things never quite work out the way I want them to. We did make it to the movie (which I really enjoyed, despite the bad reviews–I may do a more detailed analysis at some point, but for now I will say this: Ryan Reynolds. Which is all I should need to say.) But it mostly felt like an ordinary day out with Egg and Yoj, the kind of thing we do at least once a week. I was having trouble getting hold of people, and Yoj had to work from 5 to 10, which kind of cut in to the whole ‘evening in’ plan. So after the movie I ended up going home and having a dull dinner (really weird frittata; yuk) with my family and generally feeling sorry for myself. I mostly just wanted to curl up in a ball with a fluffy movie and hide from the world.

But then I thought: Screw that. It’s my birthday. I can either be mad at myself for not planning better and mad at my friends for not making me feel special-er, or I can decide to have fun. So I grabbed some beer and drove over to Egg’s house (family-free each weekend, which makes it our crash pad of choice). Despite a rather unfortunate ten minutes of Chinese Mosquito Torture (lock someone out of a house surrounded by mosquitos), I felt better almost immediately. We hung out watching episodes of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place while getting the cake started, joined eventually by Cam (yay, more people!) Then we drove out to pick up Yoj from work and I got free ice cream (yay birthday specials! Also yay peanut butter cup ice cream with hot fudge sauce). We were all feeling pretty low-key, so we put in How to Train Your Dragon while the cake cooled. I WANT TOOTHLESS.

…sorry, got a tad distracted. He’s just so darn cute!


Anywho, after the movie we went to decorate the cake.

Oh, the cake.

It’s sort of a tradition for Egg and Yoj (and whoever else might be about) to bake a cake for me on my birthday and decorate it crazily. Usually something goes horribly, horribly wrong before we even get around to decorating it…such as the cake that didn’t cool fast enough and essentially absorbed the frosting, or the angel food cake that wasn’t cooled upside down and had the consistency of really thick jell-o.

This particular culinary adventure started out with us baking the cake in a casserole dish, since Egg’s kitchen is fairly understocked. Then we couldn’t get it out of the casserole dish until Yoj turned the dish upside down and shook it vigorously, whereupon it fell out onto the table and broke in two.

And then they decorated it.

The traditional cake o' craziness.

This year’s accoutrements include the Green Lantern symbol (bedazzled with the sprinkles from the funfetti icing), the Green Lantern oath (somewhat illegibly rendered by Egg), the traditional bee (there must always be a bee when we bake. It’s the Baking Bee. Like the Blessed Bee, only…sugary-er.) In the picture you can see Yoj writing “Myriad’s Bloody BDay” around the edge of the cake. I think we also ended up with another rather melted bee and what I can only described as a bedazzled waterfall/stalactite.


But the point is, while we were decorating the cake, I realized I was happy. I was surrounded by people I loved, doing things I loved, and it’s pretty hard not to feel special with a bedazzled Green Lantern birthday cake 🙂 Which was all I wanted in the first place–good times with good people. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day of my birth.

(Oh, and sorry, Mitu, for waking you up at 2AM to share with you the technicolor disaster of the cake…)

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One response to “All I Wanted

  1. mitukagome

    25.6.2011 at 11:03 pm

    If I recall, I was still wide awake, and just trying to sleep. Which usually takes me a while anyway. I’ve been up until 2am most nights lately (sleeping till noon really helps that).

    Also, the cake was awesome.


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