WIP Wednesday

29 Jun

Here we are again!

Job hunt: I’ve contacted several volunteer science ed organizations in the area (hurrah for university towns…), which should at least give me something to do and bolster my resume until I find something that pays. Have an application due soon for an after-school activities position for the fall, so I’ll get that in by next week. Next steps: contact the local school district to see if they’re hiring ed assistants, then start sending letters to private schools in the area.

Operation confuse the feline overlords: The hutch is felted and on the dresser, so the furniture is finally all settled! And the stuffies and books are all put away, with the exception with the 11 new paperbacks I got today when I took all my old ones to the used book store… So now it’s really a matter of consolidating and finding places for the miscellaneous stuff I’ve been avoiding. And patching the hole I discovered in my wall when I moved the last bookcase. And finishing the linen closet. And moving the linens out of my closet and into the linen closet. And…

Hey, if I can’t find a teaching job, I can always be a handywoman, right? Drywall and plaster of paris, here I come!

June writing challenge: Eh heh heh. Haven’t written anything in a week, bad Myriad. Tomorrow will be Write My Behind Off Day as I am determined to get 10k by the end of the month. Clearly 1k per day was too high a goal without NaNoWriMo to support me, so I think I will be taking a page out of Deborah‘s book (oops…bad pun) and aiming for 10k per month on my novel.

Ursa Minor: Ack, left her alone for more than a week again (gods only know what trouble she’s getting into). BUT I have officially declared Thursday to be Ursula Day, so look for the continuation of her story tomorrow!

Tabby: Ack again. Haven’t decided yet but either Tues or Sat will be Tabby day. Maybe. She may have to wait a little…

En Espanol: Me gusta mucho practicarlo, y tengo unos ideas para cuentas que pudiera escribir en lo. Cada lunes voy a escribir de algo en espanol, aunque no se que va a ser un cuenta o muchas cuentas o ensayos de otros temas.

Anatomical Anklets: DONE!!! HOORAY!! Except they don’t fit Yoj any better than they fit me, so they’re ownerless at the moment. Anybody have feet ~8 inches in circumference and 10 inches long? You want a pair of pale yellow slippers? I should take some FO pics at some point…

Doubleknit Test: No further progress, because I got distracted by…

Showy Seadragon Socks: I LOVE THIS PATTERN. I LOVE THIS YARN. THESE SOCKS ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. Except I may completely ruin them by trying something extremely odd with the heel…think I’d better insert a lifeline before I attempt that.

Off to play with the pretty socks!


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2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. kniftybits

    7.7.2011 at 3:40 pm

    I love the yarn! Looks like a beautiful sock. How did the heel go?

    • Myriad

      7.7.2011 at 7:15 pm

      It seems to have worked! I’ll post some updated pictures soon. BTW, the yarn is Cascade Heritage Paints, colorway 9884 🙂


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