Steamy Snippets

04 Jul

(Algo en Espanol vendra. Tal vez.)

I think it’s time we all accepted that I’m never actually going to write a con report for the SPWF, but here are some steampunk-y things I’ve encountered of late.

1) Hey look, Mitu, you’re famous!

2) Everything must have steamy aspirations. Everything.


3) No really, EVERYTHING.


4) SO MUCH FUN. Found this fantastic costume creator flash game via Epbot. None of the artwork is mine, obviously, but here is what I put together:

Go play with it. Seriously. The artist has some other costume creators, too.

That’s about it for the steamy roundup. Other than the fact that That Novel I Really Should Be Working On is steampunk. At the moment I’m torn between trying to forge on ahead when I don’t entirely know what needs to happen between where I am and the planned climax (I is having Bad Guy issues…not to mention I’m sending them all to China for who knows what reason), or going back and doing some heavy revisions to lay the groundwork for where I think I want to go in the future. Which means making my heroine a little more upper-class, my hero a little more arrogant, everyone not getting along as well, remembering the fact that the first mate is telepathic…oh and I really do need to figure out what I’m doing with these bad guys. I have this bad tendency to just sort of make bad things happen, often without a clear reason, with the result that I now have at least three antagonistic entities, two of whom have slight motivations. The problem being, of course, that it’s the third antagonist who’s supposed to be the main baddie. Arrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh.

Ah, why not. Since I’ve been complaining about my novel, the song that planted the seed:


Best line ever: “My tether’s made of leather so I’m not about to fall here…” It never fails to make me smile.

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One response to “Steamy Snippets

  1. tridecalogism

    12.7.2011 at 6:44 pm

    Steampunk is awesome!(!) I myself blog about it all the time. Victorian times, clockwork, top hats (I’ve got one of those)…And Abney Park is an excellent band. I salute your taste in music. And you’re writing a novel? That is so cool. I’m working on one too, though it’s more surreal new weird than steampunk.


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