UMi Image: Ursula and the Whangdoodle

07 Jul

Today’s an Ursula day but I didn’t feel like writing…hence, you get a doodle. Took about 2.25 hrs in Gimp. It’s not awful, but not nearly as good as I wanted it to be. Digital artwork is not my strong suit.

In a related note, if you’re drawing with your tablet and your cat decides to use the touchpad of your laptop as a pillow, said laptop will throw a fit and refuse to recognize any input from either tablet or touchpad until you succeed in removing said cat.

She still thinks she’s helping…

Illustration for the very end of Part 1 of Ursa Minor. Don’t ask me how the whangdoodle Tesla coil managed to sprout that many wires. This doesn’t quite capture the feeling I wanted, but I had a heck of a fun time shading the dress. The smudge tool is still my favorite thing.

You can find all of the story so far by clicking this shiny shiny link.

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