Sunday Snapshots: I’m Helping!

10 Jul

So, a major theme in my posts this past week or so has been Rosie’s, er, assistance in my various creative endeavors. She loves me dearly, and I love her just as much, but this mutual affection has led to a less-than-ideal decision on her part. Simply put, she has concluded that I will fail miserably in any and all creative endeavors unless she is:

a) on my lap
b) between me and my computer
c) both

Obviously, c is her favorite. It’s also rather difficult to get up and get my camera to get a photo of her when she’s actually on top of me, but I managed to get a few while she was prowling my her desk.

This thing can't purr nearly as loudly as I do.

If you’re wondering, I’m pretty sure this is what I was watching at the time.

Of course, Rosie doesn’t lend her assistance only when I’m puttering around the interwebs; she is a vital element of all of my creative endeavors.

Mmm, cream cheese.

Why yes, I am designing sock patterns. Will they ever see the light of day? Only time will tell…

Sometimes, though, my doodling gets really boring, and I keep moving the cream cheese out of her reach (bad, bad human). So Rosie is forced to search my room for other means of entertainment.

This is my super secret fort. No boys or humans allowed!

Of course, then I get distracted because she’s being so darn adorable, so I sneak across the hall to the GHMC’s room so he can come and share in the adorableness. And then he goes and does something like this:

Your puny trap will not hold me for long, human.

Despite this overabundance of assistance, I have been making good progress on the Showy Seadragon socks. And the really crazy heel worked out almost exactly as I hoped, huzzah!

Still the best things EVAR.

I’ll post a description of all the mods I made to the pattern when the socks are done, and once I’ve fiddle a bit more with my crazy heel design, I’ll post a tutorial for that as well. I really like the way it turned out here, and these socks fit my obscenely high insteps almost perfectly!

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