What a Wonderful Wednesday

13 Jul

Productivity has still been fairly nonexistent this past week, though things are coming along quite nicely on the Showy Seadragons. Having a heck of a time managing my anxiety around the whole job search thing, but I WILL get this cover letter done tomorrow. I WILL.


Lack of accomplishments aside, today was actually quite wonderful. Well, there was that one incident where I completely traumatized the cat, but she seems to have forgiven me. I suspect this may have more to do with the scraps of fish on my desk (leftover from lunch) than anything else, but I’ll take it.

Anyway. This evening I went to an open-air concert with Egg and her mom, two of my favoritest people in the world. The music was decent, the weather was wonderful, the company was even better…and we played S’Quarrels! Once everyone knows the rules, you can play the game silently, so we got a few rounds in after intermission. On the blanket next to us was a family with two very young boys. The older one–I think he was five–was very interested in the cards with squirrels and acorns on them, so I ended up playing with my hand oh-so-casually tipped so he could see it 😉

I also met a knitter friend of Egg’s mom, who greatly admired my Seadragons (naturally I had them along). She’s not on Ravelry so I will have to print out the pattern and give it to her.

It’s easy for me to get down about the fact that I haven’t been ‘productive’ (whatever that even means; I’m not sure I know, despite using it as a rubric for my life). But hanging out with Egg and her mom just makes me so darn happy. And I’d rather live a life focused on good times with good people than one focused on self-imposed, never-met deadlines.

But I really WILL finish that cover letter tomorrow. I promise.

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