WIP Wednesday

20 Jul

Well, WI is in the middle of a real, I-don’t-care-that-my-legs-look-like-I-haven’t-shaved-in-a-month-it’s-too-hot-to-wear-long-pants, I-was-out-for-twenty-minutes-and-got-sunstroke heat wave. Which is ever so fun. But I have mostly recovered from yesterday’s funk (as evidenced by the fact that I’m no longer referring to myself in the third person…).

Job Search: I sent in an application! With a real honest-to-gods tailored cover letter and everything! Goal for the end of the week: Send two more, one for a school in MA and one for a school in AZ. The school in AZ looks like more fun but considering how well I’m handling this heat wave…I’ll just have to invest in a ridiculously large and fabulous hat.

Operation Confuse Feline Overlords: Finally got back around to working some on this, going through all the papers I could find anywhere in my room (drawn from no fewer than six separate locations, including the closet), so that’s progress. AND I managed to find everything I needed to get a bank account set up, so I finally have some money in a form other than a check from my old bank.

Espanol: Ahora estoy leyendo un libro que no he leido en ingles, que es mas interesante que volver a leer algo en espanol que lei en ingles. Y encontre mis papeles de vocabulario, entonces puedo practicar las palabras en ellos. Ahora recuerdo como se dice <<squirrel>> en espanol: ardilla! (Claro que esta es una palabra muy importante en mi vida).

Writing: It’s time we accepted that I’m not getting any writing done on the novel this month. Sigh. I really do need to go back and re-work a lot of what I already have, and I’m just not up to it right now. But I have been keeping up with Ursula, and the plot should start thickening soon for her.

Showy Seadragons: ALMOST there. I’ve set up the tubular bind-off for the second sock so I just need to graft that and then sew in the ends and they’re all done! I smell an FO Friday in the future…

Mrs. Higden’s Heart: About a quarter of the way done, though I think I’m going to need to get some more yarn to finish it out. I’m at almost two feet square and the goal is somewhere between 45″ and 48″ square.

I’ll be traveling next Wed. so there won’t be a progress update, but the goals are: Get those two applications in, (hopefully) find more places to apply to, finish the book I’m reading in Spanish, finish the Seadragons, get the yarn I need to finish Mrs. Higden so I’ll have the project for travel. And hopefully do some more work cleaning my room…

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