Gratuitous Pictures of Attractive Manflesh

26 Jul

I promised Mitu I would post pictures of sexy men since I didn’t yesterday. Actually, yesterday’s post was mostly going to be about how geeky TV shows (notably Eureka) make me happy, but there will be lots of eye candy all the same. Because we can’t deny Mitu’s hormones, now can we?

Eureka never fails to make me happy (well, except maybe season three, which was just kind of…blah), because it’s ridiculous and adorable and because Zane.

Niall Matter is Teh Sexy

As far as I can tell, Zane’s sole purpose in the show is to be adorably in love with Jo, but that’s fine by me. They’re just so darn cute together.

Also easy on the eyes, and serious candidate for the Best Man on the Planet award (seriously, he’s like the world’s most faithful golden retriever or something), is Jack Carter.

He’s attractive, reliable, just a little snarky, a really nice guy…and in the most recent episode, he offered to take care of his girlfriend’s kids while she went into space. Major, MAJOR brownie points there.

Last night’s episode of Eureka was even better than usual, partly because of a cameo by Stan Lee and the accompanying superhero references. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” I just about died, then had to explain it to my mother. Sigh…at least she knew who Professor X was, unlike Carter. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.” = Reason #476 why I love Zane. Right after Reason #475, “You didn’t tell me you were buying a TARDIS house,” from last week’s episode.

More fabulous cameos: Felicia Day, who is just so darn adorable, and WIL WHEATON.

….I kind of have a ginormous crush on Wil Wheaton. And by ‘kind of’ I mean ‘the only sure things in life are death, taxes, and Myriad’s crush on Wil Wheaton.” I’m hard-pressed as to say why I have such a huge crush on him, though I suspect it has something to do with him being adorable and a major geek and snarky and a really nice guy. Not that I’ve ever met him, but that’s the impression I get from reading/listening to things he’s written. Go listen to Memories of the Futurecast (I will get around to buying the book someday, I swear!) and perhaps my crush will be better explained.

I especially love all of the “Evil Geek” characters he’s taken on recently:

Evil Wil Wheaton onThe Big Bang Theory

Dr. Parrish on Eureka--plus Zane!

Fawkes inThe Guild. Sadly this was the best photo I could find with the kilt...

...Excepting this one, of course.

Creepin' on Codex/Felica Day.

Now comes the embarrassing part: I actually kind of have a crush on him as Wesley. *dodges rotten vegetables* No, not seasons 1-4 annoying Wesley, season 5 slightly-grown-up-I-can-see-hints-of-who-he-will-be-in-twenty-years-oh-and-he’s-legal-now Wesley. Who is still a little annoying and still has a fabulous collection of sweaters…but is much less of an overgrown child.

Okay, let's admit it, if I had started watching TNG when I was twelve, I would have had a crush on annoying younger Wesley, too.

I actually kind of loved “The Game,” where Wesley made his glorious(?) return to the Enterprise as what I would call the Star Trek equivalent of a college kid, complete with some innuendos that would no doubt have shocked season 1 Wesley and just a little bit of that “I am a man and I know what to do with a woman” attitude that shows up again in Fawkes.

…Yes, I did just say that about “Shut Up Wesley” Crusher. Now that I have mortally embarrassed myself in front of the entire interwebs…have some more Niall Matter. Maybe it will help you forget…

And because all of these pictures have involved far too much clothing for poor Mitu’s hormones, I leave you all with gratuitous photos of the world’s sexiest Swede and other shirtless hunks.

I swear his sole purpose on that show is to lose his shirt as frequently as possible.

In other news, I have appear to have lost my shame. Enjoy the man-candy while I attempt to engage in some sort of activity to restore whatever dignity I may have left.

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One response to “Gratuitous Pictures of Attractive Manflesh

  1. mitukagome

    27.7.2011 at 10:00 am

    Thank you Myriad, that was much better. I have never seen any of the shows, so I really know nothing about the characters (except the guild, I saw the first one), but the photos are quite nice.


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