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29 Jul

Currently upstairs hiding (somewhat unsuccessfully) from Dvorak. We’re at my aunt and uncle’s camp in the Adirondacks, and each evening my uncle asks someone to name an artist, whose name he then puts into Rhapsody so that we have some background. When he asked me, I gave him Michelle Branch, though I was really in the mood for Gaia Consort (I felt that might not be the most tactful choice in the home of a semi-retired Episcopal priest). But tonight it was my mother’s turn, and thus we have Dvorak. From whom I am hiding. Of course the way sound travels in this house, I may as well not bother. But it’s the principle of the thing, darn it!

…yes, I am a horribly uncultured person. In my defense, most of my formative years were spent listening to my father blast Mahler at full volume, so I think my dislike of most classical music is at least somewhat justified. I do actually like some Chopin and Mozart; that has to count for something, right?

Hmm, things are much quieter now that I’ve closed the door. Which means I can finally play this, which I’ve had stuck in my head all evening:

And no, I’m not okay, and it sucks. But at least I’ve admitted to myself that I’m not okay, which is a pretty major step on the way towards being okay again.

Adding to the not okay has been the extreme flare-up of pain in my dominant hand. I injured the wrist about 16 months ago, the injury was never properly diagnosed (despite x-rays and a very memorable MRI experience), and so everything from my fingertips to my shoulder occasionally hurts. And by occasionally I mean frequently. Only this time it’s been so bad that I’ve barely been able to do anything with my dominant hand, which really cuts into my main form of stress relief these days: knitting.

Sigh. At least I can still kind of crochet, since that relies more on my non-dominant hand, so I have been making some progress on Mrs. Higden’s Heart.

I also bought my first knitting pattern (not from a book, that is)! I’ve been lusting after Simone van Iderstine‘s Yuletide Scarf for a while now, but, being cheap and unemployed, didn’t really want to pay $4 for what is really a fairly simple pattern. BUT the designer has set up a Ravelry group for her designs with a monthly Knit-a-Long, starting this August with the Yuletide Scarf, and the pattern price is reduced to $1 (Canadian) for the KAL! So I am now the proud owner of the Yuletide Scarf pattern, and need to find myself some really fabulous yarn to knit it in πŸ™‚ I am muy emocionada (NOT exitada; that would be…rather disturbing, actually. Beware false cognates!) about the KAL and hopefully it will inspire me to a) knit more things which are not socks and b) knit more of Simone’s patterns. Most of them are hats, which I don’t wear much, but they look fun to knit so perhaps my acquaintances will be finding themselves the recipients of some epic tams in the months to come πŸ™‚

I also have a SOOPER SEECRET project in the works…my first sock design! I know the basic architecture I want, and I *think* I know how to make it work. Right now I’m working (very, very slowly, given the hand pain) on the foot of the sock and trying out different stitch patterns. Stay tuned!

I’m traveling until next Friday, which I’ve decided means I’m officially on vacation (except for the whole job application thing, natch…) so posts will probably be sporadic and not terribly intense for the next week. Once I’m home again I’ll get back to Ursula and all the other things which have been percolating in my brain.

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