Sunday Snapshots: CORGIS!!!

31 Jul

Warning: Extreme overdose of Corgi Cuteness to follow, courtesy of my aunt- and uncle’s canine companions.

I was always a cat person growing up, and I suspect I always will be. But if I ever take it into my head to get a dog, I will get a Cardigan corgi.

This is why:

Rhys = The most adorable creature on this planet. Possibly on ANY planet.

He’s al(most) growed up now, but I’ve known the little monster since he was three months old, and believe me when I tell you he used to be EVEN CUTER. I know, it seems impossible, but I have proof:


Sadly, he is no longer the tiny ball of floof who got a turkey grease shower (followed by an accidental splash of red wine. My uncle + kitchen + baby corgi = Hilarity) over Thanksgiving. But he’s still a pretty darn attractive little beastling. Which is very, very fortunate for him, because in addition to being the world’s most adorable dog, he is also THE MOST TROUBLE you will ever meet. But those big dark eyes peering out of that pale little face can draw forgiveness from anyone…

Most attempts at photographing Rhys end up like this. "What are you doing? Is it fun? Can I help? Play with meee!"

Rhys is tolerated by his long-suffering big sister, Seren:

I am the GOOD dog.

She puts up with a lot from the little monster, and teaches him important things like corgi games:

Better you than me, Seren. I don't have the teeth to compete...

Of course, Rhys has to hog all the attention.

I wanna be closer to Myriad than you!

Fortunately, as a fellow big sister, I can sympathize, and Seren is never left neglected for too long.

Belly rubs are almost worth putting up with him.

I tried to get some good photos of them playing, but corgis, like cats, cease to do anything remotely photogenic as soon as they see you’ve brought out the camera. So I was forced to resort to stealth photography.

I will NOT share a bed with you.

I know I'm the noblest, fiercest Wild Mountain Corgi ever to roam the Adirondacks, but trying to turn Mr. Clumsy into a Junior Wild Mountain Corgi is EXHAUSTING.

Of course, by the end of a day which included climbing a mountain, going for a swim, warning off/playing with the dog next door, and a boat ride, exhaustion wins out over all else.

Whenever Rhys is being particularly troublesome, my uncle asks me if I want a corgi. I love the little terror to bits, but I am not quite that insane, thankyouverymuch. I’ll just settle for borrowing him occasionally. And taking lots of pictures of the adorbz to share with you all 🙂

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