Carl Sagan’s Pugilistic Trousers Wage a War Between Worlds in the Glorious Dawn

02 Aug

Tomorrow Mitu and I embark on our epic road trip of epicness. Mitu’s going to grad school in Illinois, and I’m accompanying her on the drive from NY state. So today (I suppose, technically, yesterday by this point…) has been devoted to making sure the car won’t kill us (Mitu), applying for jobs (me), packing the car (Mitu, me, Mitu’s mom, Maya…), and the requisite Hobby Lobby run. Never fear, I will be dutifully recording commentary for your future amusement.

Now we’re off to stock up on new music before bed, so I will leave you with my soundtrack of the day. First, a classic which all self-respecting geeks should own:

I’ve been reading (finally!) A Brief History of Time, hence my renewed interest.

Next, the song I’ve been playing on a loop for days, much to the confusion of Mitu and her mother:

And finally, a song which we discovered via Dea, and which I suspect we shall be quoting for years to come:

“No, those are my time-travel trousers!”

Because everyone has time-travel trousers. Or they should, at any rate. Now I suppose we really should be getting to bed…many, many miles of interstate await us in the morning.

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