This Buffalo Roams No More

05 Aug

After three days and seven states, I am SO OVER traveling. Of course, it was harder on Mitu, being as she did all the driving, but still. 17+ hours in the car followed by 5.5 hrs of train and 3 hrs of bus = if it has wheels, keep it the heck away from me. A proper road-trip summary will be up in a few days once Mitu manages to get internet (at least she’s got running water now…) and we can consolidate quotes and photos. For now, enjoy a teaser pic of the SOOPER SECRET project, along with my souvenir bison from Big Bone Lick State Park. Yes, Big Bone Lick State Park. Which is the sole reason I can now add Kentucky to the list of states which I have visited.

His home may be on the range, but like me, I think he’s just as happy not to have to roam for a few days. Off to watch TV until I fall asleep. Which shouldn’t take too long, given that sitting for three straight days is mysteriously exhausting…

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