Sunny Side Up, Part 1

06 Aug

The Sun is in a particularly active part of its cycle right now, so solar flares and aurora and suchlike have been in the news of late. The glut of articles prompted my father to quiz me on solar flares…whereupon I realized that I really don’t remember as much about the Sun as I really should.

The thing is, magnetohydrodynamics is not exactly easy stuff, and even experts in the field don’t understand it all that well. There are a lot of gaps in our model of solar activity which have yet to be filled. Which makes understanding the subject difficult, and understanding the subject well enough to be able to present it to the general public in an accurate yet understandable way near impossible.

I did want to try anyway, both to help myself put things together better and because I like lecturing people on science. But I really don’t trust my extremely fragmented knowledge of the Sun to be up to the task, and I work much better thinking on paper than trying to type, so instead you get photos of my trying to put together an overview of the subject in an old notebook.

If nothing else, I hope you all enjoy the insight into my thought process…Part 2 will be up tomorrow!


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