Panda in Peril

07 Aug

My baby brother, AKA the GHMC, is currently in surgery, having his appendix removed. I had mine out nine years ago so I know it’s a fairly low-risk procedure, but that doesn’t stop me from fretting some. He’s still my baby brother, after all. So the continuation of yesterday’s magnetohydrodynamics notes will have to wait until I’m a little less preoccupied.

The GHMC has always been a fan of pandas, so have some panda pics.

Click for artist.

When I had my appendix out, my aunt cheered me up by telling me that now I could go to the Antarctic, or the deepest Amazon, or to the moon. It turns out that appendectomies are not actually required to go any of these places (I talked to an astronaut who had been on about ten missions and still had his appendix), though there have been some scares with people getting appendicitis in Antarctica (including a famous case of self-surgery) and there are people who have had their appendices removed prior to spending a long time in the jungle.

Click for artist.

Personally I think if we ever get going on a manned mission to Mars, those astronauts will probably want to be appendix-free just in case (we’re talking about a mission of a few years, after all). Regardless, the GHMC is joining the appendix-free club (only cool people can join that club) so now he and I can go into space together. Because that’s totally going to happen.

……I hate waiting. Mom and Dad are at the hospital with him, but I haven’t heard anything since he went into pre-op. I just want to know my panda is okay!

Update: He’s out of surgery and everything went really well. They’re keeping him overnight for observation but he should be home tomorrow.

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