Sunny Side Up, Part 2

09 Aug

Click here for Part 1 of “Myriad Teaches Magnetohydrodynamics by Taking Pictures of Her Notebook Doodles.”

As promised, the pen-and-paper pretense of proselytism continues now that my brain is back to its usual state. The GHMC is home from the hospital and seems to be doing well (aside from sleeping all the time, but that’s to be expected). And he hasn’t yet had the joy of having his healing abdomen used as a landing pad for leaping felines, which I can assure you is just ever so much fun (yes, Rosie, I’m looking at you.) Of course he also hasn’t been allowed to shower…

Okay. When we last left off, the Sun’s magnetic field was all twisted into a tangled mess due to differential rotation, and I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting to learn just what this tangled mess ends up doing to our friendly neighborhood star (Sarcasm. Har.). So without further ado…

To be continued, again, because this stuff is complicated and I can only get so far before my brain protests. It’s also after midnight and I’m getting a bit punchy–if you mouse over each photo, you’ll find the alt-text gets progressively stranger as the post goes on…


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