Sunday Snapshots: Fairely Foolish

21 Aug

I have recovered sufficiently from yesterday’s antics to share photos and quotage.

The only hand Yoj will allow on her behind.

“The costumes at Ren Faires are so much better than the ones at anime conventions.”
“Especially Batman.”

Adorable: the mom who took pictures of this guy with her two little kids, both wearing Pokemon shirts, both clearly over the moon about having met Ash Ketchum.

Me, on seeing the above: “PIKACHU!!”

"God save the Queen!".....*cheers*....."God save the Queen more!"..........silence.

“That’s a lot of little kids around the maypole. I wonder if their parents know their children are doing a fertility dance around a giant phalic symbol?”

I'm helping!!

“Watch, by the end of the dance she’ll have a whole line of kids trailing after her like ducklings.”

The sword is vital to ribbon-anchoring.

“Now, it’s very important to keep the ribbon off the ground. So if we just loop it around you a few more times…”

One wonders what the mother thought of the Master of Revels tying up her daughter.

“I would pretend I don’t know any of you, but the way I’m dressed at the moment, I really can’t pull it off.”

I call this my "Eff it, I'm a wench" costume.

I decide to take a nap/sunbathe on top of a picnic table.
Random passerby: “Holy crap, did she pass out?!”
M and J: “No, she’s fine.”
RP: “Are you sure?”
Me: “I’m fine. Really.”
RP: “I was about to do CPR!”

J: “Wait, I need to get a picture of you with your henna. Okay, pretend to be dead.”
Me: *dies*

With the past still (mostly) on.

I will point out that I was coerced into getting this. Okay, only kind of coerced. And okay, I did kind of love the attention it brought…

Today, with the paste gone. My parents don't like the design (they seem fine with the idea of belly-button henna...) but I think it's awesome.

Finally, the best quote of the day:

Me: “Oooh, take the next exit, we can go to the Mars Cheese Castle!”
M: “NO.”

Honestly, the roadtrip there and back is half the fun.

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