Have Some Cute

23 Aug

Been feeling a bit blargh, so you get more adorable Pikachu today. Because they make me happy.

I love this .gif beyond all reason. Pikachu and rainbows–who could ask for more?

Click for artist.

D’awwwww. They’re just so squishy and fluffy and I WANT ONE.

Click for artist.

Steampunk + Pikachu = YES. As a side note, why hasn’t Mozilla Firefox added Pikachu to its spell-check yet?

Cesi n'est pas une Pikachu

Err…yeah, not a Pikachu. But tied with Pikachu on the list of ‘things that make Myriad squee uncontrollably’ is hedgehogs, so I was very excited to find this hedgie-pokemon.

Click for artist.

Since Shaymin is one of those new-fangled pokemonsters the youngsters play with nowadays–(In my day we only had 151 (okay, 251) pokemon and we were happy with what we got!)–there isn’t as much cute fanart, but I do like the above image.

So, there’s your dose of cuteness for the day. I have many more pictures to share but I was afraid ya’ll would explode from the excess of adorbz.

Edit: Have been reminded by M. that otters are also high on the list of things that make me squee. However the otter-like pokemon are seriously lacking in cuteness so you don’t get any pics of them.

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