WIP Wednesday

24 Aug

I’m being productive, I swear!

Job Hunt: I’ve more or less given up on finding a full-time position for the fall. There’s always the tiny chance that I’ll find something last-minute, but for now I’m operating under the assumption that I’m going to be bumming around my parents’ house (sigh). Since I don’t particularly want to bum around my parents’ house for the next four months (not to mention it would be really bad for both my resume and mental health), I’ve been looking for part-time things to keep me occupied in a sciencey-educational capacity. AND I HAVE AN INTERVIEW. Huzzah! Few hours, but it’s tutoring high school kids in math and science, it’ll look great on my resume, and it even pays a little. Wish me good luck!

Operation Confuse Feline Overlords: Slowly but surely. I think a lot of it is mostly a matter of stowing/getting things out of my room.

Espanol: No he leido algo en espanol hasta casi una mes…pero no quiero empezar a <<Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofil>> hasta que termino <<Our Mutual Friend>> (en ingles). Bueno, necesito leer esto mucho cada dia…

Mrs. Higden’s Heart: Ehhh…considering putting this on hiatus; I’m really not in the crocheting mood these days. It’ll get done eventually…

Sugarplum Yule Scarf: Need to get cracking so I finish by the end of the month (one week from now!) I’d say I’m at about 25% but it’s a quick knit so if I actually focus on it (rather than my socks) I know I can make it. Besides, I need to be ready to start the Skeleton Key Tam in September!

After Summer Merrily: I’m about halfway through the second sock (in only three days! And with knitting on the scarf at the same time!). I really want to soldier through and finish by Saturday…but I should probably focus on finishing that scarf.

The test knit is going wonderfully; I have eight fabulous ladies testing the pattern for me! The pattern should be released in about a month.

And as always, I could never accomplish any of this without my helper.

It's August. I have fur. I do NOT need a scarf.

This is mine now.

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