Dumbledore with a B

06 Sep

…”Dumbledore with a B” means precisely nothing, so far as I can tell, but the television ads in my dream last night certainly made a big deal of it. Apparently the ‘B’ makes all the difference. Somehow.

Anyway. Y’all remember when I used to have this blog and update it every day? Turns out actually having a life is a tad counter-productive on the blogging front. Once I get settled into my schedule I’ll probably pick up more, but the last week has been a lot of ahhhhhhhh paperwork training medical procedures tax code background checks ahhhhhhhhh. And also a lot of knitting. And a non-trivial amount of games (primarily Mexican Train and Portal 2).

But I’m occupied, and I finally feel like I might actually be going somewhere again. It’s kind of sad that all it takes to make me happy is a part-time job–or rather, that I’m desperately unhappy without some kind of external schedule. Sigh.

Headlines of the week:

No One Should Face a Needle This Early in the Morning New employee wakes up at 6:30 to receive TB test

Doesn’t the FBI Have Better Things to Do? New employee is fingerprinted, signs waiver permitting background check

Letters and Numbers Attached to Forms New employee confused by tax forms, again

Oh Hey, THAT’S Where That Is Learning the geography of one’s home town, one wrong turn at a time

The Bit That Was Left Over Geographically-challenged young woman hypothesizes that the ‘sense of direction’ doohickey was not included in her initial construction

And then Her Heart Stopped Tales of grandmother’s health troubles improperly relayed by uncle

I F***ed an Onion and Had Stupid Children Non-video-game-player retreats into knitting to avoid Pikmin

First and Ten Wisconsin Crowded Camp Randall watches Badgers claim easy victory

The Optical Depth is Decreasing Would-be science educator and occasional sports fan explains astronomical terms to parents in midst of football game

It’s Almost September, Cool Down Already End of August very hot and muggy

It Was Just August, Warm Up Already Beginning of September cold. Very cold

I Like Portal Non-video-game-player sheepishly admits to enjoyment of Portal 2

I Is Grouchy at Rubik’s Cube Hand-held puzzle frustrating, inadequate substitute for Portal

Looking for Sausage? Family excursion passes Dick’s Quality Meats; hilarity ensues

Your Children Are as Brilliant as Their Hair Is Curly Would-be science educator reconnects with favorite high school teacher

Two Casualties in Deadly Sock Incident Hand trouble, extreme philosophical differences claim test knitters

Dumbledore with a B It’s important, y’all. Really important


MOAR Knitting

Pawprint of Approval Feline supervision of any and all activities continues.

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