The Adventures of Volcano-Statue-Man

12 Sep

I start my job tomorrow (woohoo!), so in an effort to shift my metabolism to Public Education Time, I got up far earlier than I wanted to today and did some more work on cleaning up my room. I have a very long to-do list there, but at least it will give me something to do early Monday and Wednesday mornings when I’m not working.

Probably the best part about cleaning your room (aside from the relief of your eyes…) is finding all the crazy random ideas/doodles/quotes that you’ve forgotten about. Some of the things I discovered are two days old; some of them go back at least five years.

Highlights include sketches/outlines/snippets of characters/stories/dialog that never went anywhere, and the quote lists. Such as the notes from an astro student conference I attended as a sophomore, including:

TB: “You know, this is a lot like a marriage. So why should I marry you?”
JB: “I’m a good kisser.”

JE: “What are you, four?”
JB: “That’s a generous estimate.”

JB: “Where are we going?”
JE: “Where is Weslyan?”
TB: “Connecticut.”
JB: “I’m not sure I know where that is. Is that a continent?”
JE: “You don’t know anything.”
MS: “We’re astronomers. The fact that we know what planet we’re on is pretty impressive.”
ES: “If it’s not in the sky–”
ML: “What sky?” (pointing to clouds overhead)

I should note that TB, JB, and JE (i.e. the source of most of the hilarity of the trip) were not students but professors and staff. Gives you such confidence in their ability to watch over us, doesn’t it?

Other highlights included the letter my grandmother sent me while I was in Cardiff (postmarked April 2010) which took over a year for the Royal Mail to get it back to her so she could then mail it to me again in June 2011. Seeing as I didn’t leave Cardiff until June of 2010, one wonders what the letter was doing for the two months I was still residing at the address.

Or the sketch of a Pikachu knitting a scarf. Or the salamander-cow-dragon. Or mysterious graffiti about Slavic whores. Or the diary I kept as a kid, labeled “PRIVET” in large red letters. Man, my spelling was atrocious…

I do have to say, my favorite find was the beginning of a never-written story about Volcano-Statue-Man. Who probably would have gotten a name at some point, but we never got that far. He did get a naked sketch done, complete with a little lead plate to hide his manly bits like the plates they used to give people going through full-body X-ray machines.

Poor Volcano-Statue-Man. Maybe I should try to write his story again…

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