Desecrating Dickens

21 Sep

A while back I mentioned a theatrical production of Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens put on by a youth acting company of which I was once a member. Due to its rousing success (or the indomitable insanity of said youth), that same Theatrical Company of Overachieving etc. Young People has decided to stage two reprise performances. Due to the start of school, some of the casting has been shuffled around…to include yours truly.

Oh yes. I am still quite the Overachieving etc. Young Person myself. Tonight was the first rehearsal I managed to make it to (boo, cold…and now the male parental unit is running a fever of over a hundred so I’m DOOMED). I could talk about the deep (and somewhat tense) philosophical discussions we had about Dickens’ female characters…or I could just give you some of the sillier quotes of the evening. I don’t have the energy to rehash gender roles in 19th century literature just now, so you get the silly instead.


General notes from the directors:

“Seamus, put the sonic screwdriver down!”

“No, you have to be Mr. Dolls, because your wife is doing someone else right now.”

“This is a Jewish name. Big neon signs pointing: JEWISH. JEWISH. JEWISH.”

“We need more excitement! Veneering, you’re about to become an M.P.–Member of Parliament! Mrs. Veneering! You’re about to become W.M.P.–Wife of a Member of Parliament!” (Noticing “Veneering” and “Twemlow,” whose combined ages can not exceed 15 years, wrestling on stage) “You’re…about to kill a Member of Parliament?”

…and the occasional deviation from the script (first lines are correct; responses are improvised):

“Well, Noddy, I mean to go in for Society!”
“I think, my dear, you’ll find Society isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…”

“Really, Mr. Rokesmith, I can’t tell you what I think of it!”


Hmm, I should really start memorizing my lines, shouldn’t I…

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