Handcrafted and Engineered

22 Sep

Yes, it’s an Ursula night (Ursula? Who’s that? Didn’t she used to have a serial story on here way back when?). But I have succumbed to the plague (thanks, Dad) so instead you get more of my amusement with said plague-bearing parent.


I think most of us would agree that handcrafted and engineered don’t generally belong together. Handcrafted goods go on Etsy; engineered products show up in a slick vacuum cleaner ad. (Dyson, I’m looking at you)

Together, they wind up in my living room.

…I was watching Project Runway and knitting tonight, and for some reason or other both parental units decided to join me.


Setting aside my parent’s total cognitive disconnect with Michael Kors, at one point Dad got up to make tea and got distracted by my project bag, the fabulous Sheep to Sock bag from Ravelry.

I used to refer to my ex as 'sheep'...he took great offense at the thought of someone turning a poor, innocent sheep into a sock.

Anyway, the male parental unit’s confusion necessitated an explanation. “It’s a process,” I said. “You start with the sheep, then you spin the sheep, then you get yarn, and then you get a sock!” (Yes, I know you don’t spin the whole sheep. Work with me here.)

Which is not the best choice of words when your father is a chemical engineer who specializes in process design. For he will then reply:

“You forgot one very important step: where the sheep eats grass and it comes out the other end.”


“Well, we really only care about the part where the sheep eats grass and it’s metabolized to grow wool.”

“You can’t ignore the byproducts. They’re very important.”

Yes, professor. Yes, Dad.

Mitu and I often commiserate about having engineers for fathers (come to think of it, several of our close college friends also had engineer parents…hmmm…). All I can say is you can be sure that anything coming out of our house will be both handcrafted AND engineered. Though maybe I will leave the sheep byproducts to Dad….

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