Just Another Manic Monday…

03 Oct

Shoot, now I have the Bangles stuck in my head. Anywho, M and I got together to Skype with J, who is now sadly in New Verminshire, and to celebrate the fact that M is now employed, huzzah! As usual, mild insanity ensued…

“Anti-sexytime birdies say no babies for you!”

“Where did she even get a hose in the middle of the street?”
“That’s a fanservice hose. They have them in Canada.”
‘This hose for emergency use only. Or to wet down unsuspecting men.’
YES. The fanservice hose.”

“…and he was watching me take a nap.”
“That’s a little creepy. Wait, how old is he?”
“Oh, that’s all right then.”

“I’ve lost my husband! Where is my husband?”
“Hmm, lets see if we can find…aha! Here he is!” *Proffering giant stuffed alligator*

“What do you wear to a drug test?”

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