13 Oct

So, the Dickensian Drama of Preposterous Proportions begins performing tomorrow. I am partly excited, partly nervous, and mostly not thinking about it seeing as I have several delightful hours of grading binders between now and then.

Now, with a production the size of Our Mutual Friend, (almost) every actor ends up playing multiple characters. I personally play three characters in one cast and three in the other, for a total of six distinct personalities. It’s an acting challenge, and a heck of a lot of fun. I play, in no particular order:

a slightly silly member of the nouveau riche
the outrageous yet timid daughter of an abusive waterside character
an opera goer of extreme frivolity
one half of a pair of drawling young society dandies, the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of OMF
a grouchy bartender
a long-suffering member of the clergy with a rather trying wife

I get some truly fabulous costumes to help differentiate the characters (I will do my best to get photos because AWESOMENESS). In addition, to help the audience keep track of things, I will be wearing not one but six different wigs–one for each character. And if I’m not mistaken, all three of my male characters have facial hair of some sort for at least part of the play (which will be ever so much fun; the last stage beard I wore made me look like a squirrel…).

The problem with this is that I have HAIR. Lots and lots of HAIR. Curly and thick and every-which-way HAIR. So getting it under wigs is, uh…interesting. But the good costume mistresses of our company will never let a little thing like vast quantities of HAIR stop them. And so, I present to you:


I actually kind of love it. I’ve never had cornrows before, but they’re actually pretty comfortable once they’ve had a day to loosen up. Descriptions have ranged from octopus tentacles to seashells to an attitudinal ballerina…

Maybe one day I’ll get a professional to give me some really epic cornrows. Thoughts?

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