NaNo 11: Paula Abdul Abducted my Wallaby!

08 Nov

…Okay, she didn’t, really. But I’m finally starting to get back on track with my novel, lack of a plot aside. And the plot isn’t completely nonexistent…it’s just very, very sketchy. Anyway, I managed to bang out about 2700 words today–go me! Why is it I seem to write more on the days when I work than the days I have off?

This first draft is mostly pig poop (I say in homage to the story problem my ex-physics teacher gave his class when I went to visit them yesterday…oh Mr. G, I miss you…) but that’s actually okay. If I can just actually get a completed draft, beginning, middle, and end, then I can edit the bejeezus out of this thing later.

And man, is it going to need it…Cat’s character still isn’t well-defined, and Karen oscillates between motherly and robotic. Which works in a strange way for her, but I’m still not entirely sure what’s happening with Cat’s relationship with her new guardian, or with much of anything or anybody at this point. I’ve introduced most of the important characters by now, at least, though I haven’t gotten to Rebecca/Tomoe/Naima. And Day was supposed to be the Mean Girl antagonist but is proving much less bitchy than I thought she would.

…none of which makes any sense to anybody but me. Wheeeeee!!

In regards to the title, as per Mitu’s suggestion, I have introduced a wallaby–a blind wallaby in a paper bag, in fact–though he is at this point entirely metaphorical. I will try to stick him in wherever I can, though. And Paula Abdul…oh, there’s a long story there, but basically what it boils down to is the fact that the Dare Machine dared me to incorporate the next song I heard into my novel. What the Dare Machine didn’t know was that I’ve been listening to “Straight Up” on a repeating loop for at least five of the past twenty-four hours…and so Day has an inexplicable love of 500-year-old pop music. BECAUSE I SAID SO.

Oh, hell, none of this makes sense anymore. I’m going to go watch B5 and attempt to rescue my brain from wherever NaNo has hidden it.

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