30 Nov

50,016 words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. The story is nowhere near over, though I think another 10 or 20k will do it. Oh, great, now I have to make myself keep writing?

Ah, who cares, I won! At 10:30 on Nov 30, but I still did it! I should probably go eat some dinner now…this is the problem with sleeping late, then working, then going to an evening class; you don’t get to start writing until four hours before the FINAL DEADLINE OF DEADLINEY DEATHNESS. Which is totally a thing. Which I may or may not have just made up on the spot.

Anywho. I’m kind of sad because my novel is not finished; that would feel like so much more of an accomplishment. Still, 50k! 50k! 50k!

Okay, food, and book, and sleep. It’s not like I have to get up at 7 AM tomorrow to go talk physics with high schoolers or anything…

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One response to “NaNo 11: VICTORY!

  1. mitukagome

    1.12.2011 at 8:39 am

    Yay! Congrats!!!!! I knew you could do it!


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