Shiny and New!

26 Dec

…Okay, everything looks the same to y’all, but it’s shiny and new on my end. And by ‘shiny and new’ I mean ‘my hard drive died and I had to rebuild my computer.’

Good times, good times. But hey, new hard drive with 2.5x the storage of the last one, plus an upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista. This may be the best Christmas present my dad has ever given me.

Hopefully now that holiday craziness is (mostly) passed and I actually have a working machine again, I can get back to this whole blogging thing. I do have a whole ton of post ideas saved up…we’ll see where it goes. Also, the private school hiring season has officially fired up so hopefully there will be much excitement on that front!

A belated happy holidays to all, whichever holidays you may or may not choose to celebrate. Blessed Be!

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