Silliness with Sticks and String

21 Jan

What do you get when you combine Myriad, a camera, pointy sticks, and lots of scrummy yummy yarn?

You get a vast quantity of silly, of course, with a side of pretty pictures and a pinch of kitty torture.

Do I come in and take pictures of you while YOU'RE sleeping?

To be fair, Rosie, those are my Christmas gifts you’re sleeping on. (There is a reason that box was hidden in the closet…) It’s a good thing everyone on my list was a cat lover, because in addition to a lovely hand-knit, they each received a large quantity of orange and white fur.

Speaking of Christmas knitting, it’s been so long since I posted about knitting that I haven’t gotten a chance to show off.

Thick wool socks for the male parental unit:

Click the picture to see a fantastic feling photobomb.

Totoro mittens for the BFF:

Click for project page/pattern.

And a basic black hat for the GHMC, which I was unable to photograph before he absconded with it. Although you can see that Rosie was using it as a pillow in the first picture…

Other than that, I am full of fail, because I didn’t manage to finish the other gifts before the 25th. I am slowly but surely working on them…

Mom’s scarf is done now, but needs to be blocked.

She was really excited when she unwrapped it, until she noticed the needles were still attached...

I’ll block it once I finish the scarf for the male parental unit’s female parental unit.

Although it looks so nice on Rosie, it seems a shame to take it from her.

I was hoping to have this done in time for Grandma’s surgery on the 25th, but that’s looking less and less likely. I will finish it by the end of January, however.

I also need to finish a pair of mittens for the other BFF. Mitu and the other grandmother got non-knit gifts, so at least I’m not in debt to them…

In an effort to decrease my number of WIPs (most of which I’m not terribly inspired to finish, truth be told), I decided after New Year’s that I am only allowed to start a new project once I finish an old one, which I’m hoping will keep me productive without going crazy. The current WIP is Grandma’s scarf, and the current new project is another design, which has more promise than ASM (although I do plan on coming back to that one day).

I am also (gasp!) going on a YARN FAST for the next several months, or until I find a full-time job for the 2012/2013 school year. I have a good sized stash (okay, it’s like two baskets) which I should try to make a dent in, and I really do need to get on this whole job thing; hopefully this will be a good incentive. Still, it’s quite alarming to tell yourself that you’re not allowed to buy any yarn for the forseeable future. The goal is to make it until May; we’ll see if I can last that long.

My last (sob!) yarn-and-supplies order arrived yesterday…at least I still have it to make me happy.

The Jane Austen mag was on sale, and considering how I’ve been lusting after the Kensington Mitts, and the fact that I’ll probably make at least half a dozen of the other patterns at some point, I think it was well worth $8.99. The pink and the blue/green/purple variegate will become worsted-weight socks, because January in WI is FRELLING FREEZING.

And what, you may ask, is any sensible person doing with yellow and black fingering-weight yarn?

You don’t really expect me to tell you my SOOPER SEKRIT plans, do you?

Daylight in the winter being so rare here, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of some of my other recent projects, as well. And of course there was much silliness as I attempted to be artistic, and also bothered the cat.

Rosie does not appreciate my gift.

Romance novels are the logical backdrop for a pair of...ahem...MANLY socks.

These socks may be my favorite thing I've ever made.

Although trying to get decent photos of them was a nightmare.

Rosie just found the whole thing needlessly silly.

So what silliness have your sticks and string produced of late?

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