Craft Like the Wind!

31 Jan

With the…uh…help…of the Orange One, I’ve been crafting away the past few days, trying keep myself from going insane as I continue to suffer from the Mysterious Illness of Blargh, and to finish up some UFOs before T4 of Nerd Wars begins tomorrow. My Leda is now done and waiting to be blocked along with another scarf. I realize this makes me a fail knitter, but I’m kind of terrified of blocking…I’ll have to conquer that fear sooner or later.

I’ve also finally finished my first blanket for Project Linus, huzzah! I was planning on making it bigger, but I finally decided it would be best to just finish it off and get it out of my pile of WIPs. I even arranged an impromptu photo shoot using random things floating about the house, which turned out rather better than expected.

Doesn’t it look all spiffy and professional? That’s the magic of blankets and creative use of furniture, folks.

The blanket plus my Teddy, who will not be donated because he is MY TEDDY AND I SHALL NOT GIVE HIM UP. Even if he does live on a shelf these days.

Of course, if I were intelligent, I would finish my crafting early enough in the day to photograph things in natural light. So despite my best efforts with arrangement and framing, there’s no getting around the crap lighting…sigh.

On the bright (har) side, I’ve crossed two UFOs off my list, which means I can start two new projects! I’ll just be starting one for now – another test knit for the lovely seviri on Rav – but I’m gonna get you, little fishies Red Dwarf Socks!

Only two hours until the Round One challenge reveal for Nerd Wars…go Team Rangers!

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