Elegant Englewood and Phoolish Photography

08 Feb


Ahem. My Englewood socks are done, and I love them. It has proven impossible to properly photograph the color of the yarn, but I took about an hour around sunset today to try to take photos in the soft natural light. Ignoring the color issues (the purple is much richer and scrummier in person), I managed to get a few good shots to show off the pattern.

Of course, photographing one’s own feet is always a challenge, even more so when you want natural light in WI in February. Admittedly we’ve had a warm winter, but there’s still snow on the ground in places. So my trip out to the back balcony to take pictures cause much confusion and alarm on the part of the Gray One. (Orange One was asleep).

I did take a number of indoor shots, though I was quickly losing light by that point. I had a heck of a time trying to arrange my feet around all of Mom’s potted plants to try to get good lighting and composition…

Of course, the best part about trying to photograph knitwear while you’re wearing it is the contortions required.

…And the silly faces, too.

"Alas, poor Yorick...I knew him, Horatio..."

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