Nerd Wars T4 Round 1

29 Feb

So, in and around work and job hunting and the unending Mysterious Illness of Blargh (which developed a new incarnation last night), I’ve been doing way too much some crafting for Nerd Wars on Ravelry. I’m a member of Team Rangers because Babylon 5 is still the best thing ever, although one of these days I may take a sabbatical with Team Stargate Command because SG-1 and Atlantis are also some of the best things ever. Don’t talk to me about SGU; in my house it never happened.

Anywho. I am forcing myself to not knit or crochet anything today, which is difficult because I am confined to the couch trying to keep my stomach acid in my stomach and not elsewhere causing trouble. Sigh. But since I’ve been rather lax on the postings lately, here are all of the wonderful things that I made this month. I managed to get something in for all six Nerd Wars challenges, and here they are:

Englewood in Eggplant

This is the only project I’ve talked about this month, so I won’t say too much about it other than that it was submitted for the ‘Wove, Two Wove’ challenge to represent the love between Delenn and Sheridan. If you don’t know the story of John Sheridan and socks, go watch the episode “No Compromises.”

Zocks for Zathras

Submitted for the ‘What’s Your Specialty?’ challenge: my specialty is knitting in the round. Okay, really it’s anything to do with socks. This is my first mini-knit, and I have to admit that I still find most mini-knits pretty pointless. But the socks are adorbz and I will find something that needs to be draped with dozens of tiny, tiny socks so that I have an excuse to make more.

The colors of these socks match the colors worn by Zathras (and his brothers Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, Zathras, and Zathras). This is what he had to say about the socks:

With nine brothers, it is often difficult for Zathras to keep track of his belongings. So Zathras was being very happy when Ranger Myriad gave him a pair of socks. Zathras was not minding that the socks do not match; Zathras was just happy to be having socks. But with nine brothers, Zathras is not always doing the laundry; sometimes Zathras does it, or Zathras. Zathras knew that socks made with wool from Earth-sheep must not go in heat, but Zathras did not tell Zathras this before he did the laundry, and now socks are very small. Still, it is nice to be having socks, even if only for short time.

Cranberry Claudia

Another chemo cap, submitted to the ‘All for One, and One for All’ challenge since it was knit in one piece from less than one skein of yarn.

Black Star Socks

So named because the pattern is named after Red Dwarf, but the colorway and the fishy lace patterns remind me of a Minbari warcruiser. Submitted for the ‘I, for One, Welcome Our New Man-made Overlords’ challenge because the socks were inspired by/reminiscent of the ship the Black Star.

Serious mixed feelings about these socks. The pattern is nice and they knit up well. They’re a little big because I apparently still haven’t internalized that whole ‘negative ease’ thing, but they fit much better than some of my recent socks because I went back to doing my crazy heel technique. The real problem was the blankety-blank yarn (KP Swish Tonal Worsted in the colorway Nevermore), which, while being a gorgeous combination of green a blue and teal and purple and fuchia and black, pooled rather hideously. They actually photographed a lot better than they look in person…

White Star square

Okay, it was supposed to be a white star. This is what I get for improvising with crochet. Submitted to the ‘Memoria Technica’ challenge for the mnemonic “Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me” and as our Team Unity Project, which was to make something white and star-shaped or with a white star motif in honor of the White Stars. Currently chilling with the rest of my granny squares awaiting full blanketdom.

Hat donation

Usually I try to make a separate item for the Giving Geeks challenge, but since I’m on a yarn fast and should theoretically be doing other things with my time besides craft, I answered the ‘Hats off to giving!’ challenge by donating my Cranberry Claudia hat, along with the Crystalline Claudia I made for T3 back in October.

So, later tonight the challenges for Round 2 will be posted…and the madness will resume…

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