Post of Shame

06 Mar

(This title would be better if I were wearing gold lamé leggings and far too much makeup whilst carrying my stripper heels. Seeing as I don’t own stripper heels, and wouldn’t wear them to my LYS if I did, you’ll just have to make do.)

So…I broke my yarn fast today.

I actually don’t feel too badly about it. Iintentionally went to my LYS store (bad idea, I know) to get a couple of giant skeins of acrylic for more granny square-ing:

Considering that A) these are going into charity blankets and B) they cost a grand total of $8.00 for the two of them, I’m not even sure this truly counts as breaking my fast.

Of course, Mom had to go and give me a 15% Off Yarn coupon. Why, mother, why???

Okay, I was actually pretty good. I got one skein of yarn, with a specific project in mind. It calls itself sport weight, but I would really call it heavy fingering…anyway, this is going to be version 3.0 of ASM, since I am determined to actually finish and publish Ye Damne Patterne.

It didn’t photograph well, but it’s actually a really pretty shade of pale green marbled with white and dark green and teal and brown. It’s Regia Nautica Color 6-ply, which I think is fairly new (and, again, is pretending to be sport weight but I don’t believe it).

So yes, I am a shameless yarn slut who broke her fast. But I didn’t break it too badly, did I?

…Look! Shiny of Distraction!

Made from awesome Doctor-Who-Scarf yarn – and from my stash, I will have you know. Also my first afterthought heel! (Necessary to get the striping to come out the way I wanted it).

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