FO: T.A.B.I.S!

12 Mar

Mitu is here!!!!!! And there was much rejoicing. And chaos. And tormenting of cats.

On a not-really-related-at-all note, I have made SOCKS OF AWESOME. And I present you with pretty pretty pictures.

I’ve wanted a pair of tabi socks ever since I was fifteen and used to do this stuff. I am entirely in love with all things tabi, but it’s taken me a while to make a pair of my very own.

The yarn is KP Felici in the colorway Time Traveler – clearly a knock-off of the infamous 4th Doctor’s scarf. It took WAY TOO MUCH snipping and spit-joining and weaving in of ends to get the stripes to come out looking this good, but I’m thrilled with the result 🙂

I even did my first afterthought heel (framed by my usual gusset and reverse gusset) to get the heel striping to look decent. Which meant about six ends to weave in around the heel, but again, totally worth it for the end result.

Ankles, insteps, heels and toes (heels and toes)! The shaping is ridonkulous, but these fit like a dream. Still having issues with the ribbing (too loose, too short) and I wish I had had enough yarn to do a tubular bind-off instead of the sewn one…

…but considering that I used every last scrap of white from both skeins, some sacrifices were required.

I’ll probably stick tabi toes on a lot of my socks from now on. I may modify the instructions from this pattern, but if you want a pair of tabis of your own, I highly recommend heading over to the pattern and knitting some up!

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