FO: Fi Fie Foto Frenade

29 Mar

What is a frenade, you ask? It is a word I just made up, because my thesaurus was not providing me with a suitable word, and this one fit. It rhymes with facade and promenade, and means a lighthearted exercise in excess, or (more to the point) the process of photographing your finished knitwear…while wearing it. Especially hats. Photographing your own head is hard.

Pattern: Fiona from the ever-wonderful Sand and Sky Creations. I got the pattern free from a KAL a while back, and finally got around to knitting it up. For notes on the hat itself, head over to the project page.

For the details of my photography frenade, stay right here.

I have this rule with projects that I don’t want more than 5 photos per project when all is said and done. It’s a fairly loose rule – depending on the project the actual number may be anywhere between 1 and 9 – but I generally aim for 3 to 5 pics. Does this mean I take 3 to 5 pics? Oh, no.

For this project, I took 35 FO pics (and no WIP pics; I don’t usually for hats) in natural light against 4 different backdrops.

I was able to delete 18 right away for poor lighting, blurriness, and crap composition. I’m fairly creative with my photo editing, but there are things no amount of cropping can save.

Once I’d gotten rid of the duds, it was then a matter of comparing similar angles and such to choose the ones that best showed off various elements of the hat – the shape, the stitch pattern, the side, the back, etc.

After a lot of fiddling and experimental cropping and the like, I finally ended up with 5 photos, of which 3 have been cropped. I’m still not 100% pleased with what I got, but it was definitely the best of the batch. In a pinch I could narrow it down to two or three of the five, but I think the five together give a better picture of the finished object than just one really good picture might.

You can see the rest of the pictures on my project page; the one I’ve included here is far and away the best to stand on its own. It is a lovely, lovely hat, even with all the trials and travails of trying to get a decent picture of it.

How do you get good pictures of your finished work?

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