*Insert Replicator Sound Effect Here*

01 Apr

I am with Mitu! Yays! Oh, southern Illinois, how I have…well, to be perfectly frank, it was dark and I was low on sleep when I was here last. But Mitu! And Halley-cat! The former is suffering from labyrinthitis and the latter is a cat, so both are ignoring me…so I thought I would tell y’all a little story.

A few weeks back I was feeling quite grouchy and generally unhappy with a number of things (okay, mostly the parentals). Since I complained about it on this blog, Mitu knew how I was feeling, and since Mitu is awesome, she decided I needed a present.


If you’re not a Stargate fan, you probably want to go read this.

ANYWAY, now I am the proud owner of a little bit of Replicator that was actually used on the show. Which is teh awesome.

But it took a while to get to awesome…

See, the block was supposed to arrive back when Mitu visited three weeks back. Well, the envelope arrived…but the block had been squeezed out of the package, leaving nothing but a gaping hole.

So that was fun. Mitu was very upset; I was so touched by the gesture that I didn’t really care so much – the fact that she thought of me and my love of Stargate was enough. But we embarked on a Quest of Finding. Six calls to various branches of the USPS later, the Replicator block had still not been located, and I wanted to bang my head repeatedly against the nearest object. Or better yet, bang the heads of the five different people with whom I spoke (and whoever was supposed to answer the sixth phone call) against something suitably sharp and stabby.

Oh government, how I love you. Oh wait…

Anywho, the seller from whom Mitu bought the original block was very nice about the whole thing, and he agreed to send another one in the mail. It took quite a while to come, and I was afraid it wouldn’t make it to WI before I left to come here, but on Friday it did! And now I have my lovely little Replicator block, and all is right with the world.

Well, almost right. There is still that block floating around out there. If Replicators start to take over the planet, you can blame the US Postal System. It’s all their fault.

Fortunately, I have mine well-contained.

It is safely back home under the watchful gaze of Rosie, who will keep it from getting into any trouble. Like, say, trying to take over the world.

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